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American Dock Builders


Contractors - Boat Docks/Repairs

About Us

American Dock Builders, LLC is a family owned and operated business serving Glynn, Camden, and McIntosh counties. We specialize in marine construction, sea walls, retaining walls, boat lifts, decking, fencing, and more! Whether you live on a saltwater river or fresh water pond American Dock Builders, LLC is here to help you with all your docking and decking needs. Call for a free estimate today!


  • Marine Construction
  • Sea Walls
  • Dock Houses
  • Storm Repair
  • Boat Lifts


Storm Repair
Sea wall repair from Hurricane Irma
Dock “facelift” with new structural supports
Lower deck rebuild
Gallery Image AEF80A23-C191-4BDB-90FC-B49208823C97.jpeg
Raised walkway and upper deck repair
New dock walkway installed
Gallery Image ED1F20D9-6B11-4EEC-B8E7-D4ABBB4684E1.jpeg
Gallery Image B7065AD6-1608-4F8C-8E06-AFF5B83C92A4.jpeg
Gallery Image F45F3169-D11C-4410-918A-A902EC97415A.jpeg
Gallery Image 650199DA-E0F1-4034-BE7F-39800933307B.jpeg
Gallery Image E01DCC30-600F-410B-8C1D-39FCE0FD8A8B.jpeg
Gallery Image 50510218-C948-4A67-9302-2FC09739EE47.jpeg
Gallery Image E4E3F565-51B1-4C02-9BD9-E0CD5DDDC740.jpeg
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