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About Us

Speaker. Challenger. Coach. Offering Keynote Speaking, Team Development Workshops, and Leadership Coaching. Libby can also serve as a facilitator, emcee, or moderator for your event. Libby has worked with teams from Google, Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, NerdWallet, Clemson, and the University of Alabama.

As a certified coach, Libby can help you or your team grow in areas of communication, conflict resolution, self-care and stress management, self-awareness and personal development, and so much more. She is committed to providing an open and inclusive environment where all people are invited to dig deeper and grow. A fresh perspective and new learning can be the most effective way to create sustainable change in people and organizations. Libby's coaching can help clarify, connect, and support you as you expand yourself or your team.


Small group workshop
Keynote Speech
Coaching Session
Virtual Workshop
Chamber Session
Libby Cole